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Modern History is a four-year Ph.D. program that is ideal for students who want to explore the modern historical development of North America and Europe, their relations and historiographical problems since the end of the 18th century and aim to acquire a higher level of academic skills in the methodology of modern and contemporary history in general.

The doctoral study program Modern History:

  • is unique in the context of the Czech Republic due to its focus on the history of some regions and relationship issues, that are not in such complexity and so systematic manner subject to research at any other university in the Czech Republic;
  • provides a first-rate, yet challenging education in modern and contemporary history, combining a variety of approaches ranging from traditional political history to historical-anthropological approaches;
  • is internationally focused and provides a wide range of opportunities to study and work professionally around the world;
  • is provided by top experts including regular visiting foreign experts;
  • is carried out at the Institute of International Studies, which is characterized by a friendly and accommodating environment, which also includes social, cultural and sports activities 

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Last updated 26. 2. 2020